About Us

Welcome to Aussie Vinyl Shop.....

How did Aussie Vinyl Shop start?

I started my own personalised handmade business back in 2014 making and decorating wooden letters and other craft items, which went extremely. But wanting to try something different in 2015 I purchased my very first vinyl cutter and I must say I was hooked. I went crazy making anything I could with vinyl then went even more crazy on heat transfer vinyl and made all my friends and family personalised t-shirts, then after that I wanted a bit more of a challenge I then started doing vinyl business signage.

Although I had a huge passion for the work and using vinyl I couldn't get over the cost of the equipment, materials and tools which I personally thought was overpriced. Aussie Vinyl Shop came to me after preparing to move house in 2017, I realised I had way to much vinyl and decided to sell some of it to make more room, well I was surprised to say the least with the amount I sold and the comments from hundreds of people asking me for different things such as vinyl, pick's, scrapers, transfer and more I then realised it wasn't only myself who was sick of paying high prices for vinyl gear.

So using my experience working with eBay for over 10 years and dealing with many overseas manufacturers on a daily basis I knew I could source the gear cheaper than what the bigger craft stores are selling it for. With months of research and testing I am slowly building up a good range of tools and materials that I am proud to say I use myself. As I would not sell anything I wouldn't use myself.

The Aussie Vinyl Shop website officially went live in January 2019 and it has continued to grow with a bigger range each day. I will try my very best to keep the prices as low as possible and in doing that there are some items that will be sent directly from the manufacturer to your door to keep costs low for you.

Thank you so much for your support and please don't forgot to keep an eye out on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

Happy Vinyl Crafting Everyone. Cheers Bek xo